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It's All About Your Product/Service

Running a small business has many challenges, all consuming your energy and resources. Sales/Marketing executives are challenged to attract new customers and grow sales to existing customers.

In your zeal to fuel growth, don't neglect your underlying product/service. While this seems obvious, it can be the reasons companies struggle to grow - or even lose sales. Even once successful products can get tired and lose their value to customers. They often fail to attend to the central part of their business: The underlying product/service.

Your competition is always trying to supplant you, and customer needs change rapidly. A best-practice approach is to continually "re-earn" your customers' business. Ask challenging questions like:

  • Are we providing the best (offering) in our market?

  • Can we introduce enhancements to make our product/service more attractive?

  • Are we continuously monitoring customer needs to make sure we stay valuable to them?

Keep your product/service offering fresh and continually provide value to your customers.



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