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Becoming Customer Centric is Simple – But Not Easy

Being Customer Centric is Essential to Effective Marketing

If you surveyed 100 marketers and asked “Are your efforts ‘Customer Centric’ you would get at least 97 to say “yes”. The other 3 should have their marketing responsibilities removed immediately. 

So how do you accomplish this? It is simple, but not easy. Put your ego aside, and commit 100% to the needs of the customer (being customer centric). If you can do this, you’ve taken a very important first step. If you can’t do this,  you are just like the other 3 “no” answers, except you are worse because you are not being honest with yourself. 

Ask yourself if you are “unconditional” in your commitment to customers?  Without that relentless dedication, you might as well save yourself the hassles and  abandon your marketing efforts.  Without customer centricity, you are wasting your time and money.


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